Who we are

Medical Vision Perpetuated under the umbrella of Abdulla H. Al- Mutawa sons Group (AMSG) Registered to SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority) . We are the most trusted pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Devices Disposables, and drugs supply company in Saudi Arabia. We have been supplying to Institutions in both Government and Private sectors of the Eastern Province. Our division has 14 retail Pharmacies in the eastern Province " Exceer Pharmacies "

Our Vision

To be a fast growing, innovative enterprise meeting consumer needs with a broad range of branded products while adhering to high class standards in quality, low cost and quick response. Medical Vision recognizes that its services will end up with the customer of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere covered by its Operations; hence since its inception it has been dedicated to provide the best healthcare's products and services possible at the reasonable cost To its diversified customers.

Our Products

Medical Vision is a trusted name when it comes to medical supplies.


Mom & Baby care

Beauty care

Vitamins & suppliments

Medical Equipments

Disinfectant & sanitisers


Exceer Pharmacies

EXCEER is a retail pharmacies administered by Medical Vision. We have 14 branches distributed over around Eastern Province, We supply a complete range of proven and effective remedies from leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide In addition, a wide range of medical items for home, Clinic and hospitals. We also focus on special items From fashion, Cosmetics to a wide range of skin treatment and beauty products, nutrition products, personal hygiene and daily Health supplements.

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